AeroGarden 2411-00B Extra Garden With Tomato Seed Kit Review

If you don’t have a green thumb but like the idea of growing fantastic herbs and vegetables year round on your counter-top with virtually no effort, the AeroGarden 2411-00B Extra Garden is for you.

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AeroGarden is the industry leader in producing sleek and foolproof self-contained hydroponic home gardens that produce lots of vegetables, herbs, or whatever you care to grow.  Now AeroGarden has continued its dominance in this niche with its 2411-00B Extra Garden model, which is currently being sold with a Mega Cherry Tomato Seed Kit to get you off and running.

As I have said many times before, I really love the AeroGardens, and this Extra Garden model is no exception. This unit comes with more intense bulbs and a larger adjustable arm to support larger, fruit bearing plants.  However, as with other AeroGardens, it uses fully automated, NASA-tested technology that constantly provides your plants with an optimal balance of water, nutrients and air.  Specifically, the Aerogarden Extra uses the most cutting edge method in hydroponics today, called  “aeroponics,” whereby the plant roots are suspended in a humid cavity that is constantly bombarded with a fine nutrient spray.  This fine spray, in addition to carrying the nutrient solution, provides the maximum amount of oxygen to the roots as well, thus prompting very rapid and lush growth.

Forget about all that messy soil.  This dirt-free hydroponic method makes plants grow much faster and produce higher yields than conventional soil gardens. And because it contains a light source too, you can place the AergoGarden Extra anywhere you’d like.  The unit comes packaged with everything you need to get started, such as seeds, media, various accessories, plant nutrients, a trellis and grower’s guide.

The ultimate proof of this product is in the many happy purchasers.  If you haven’t ventured into hydroponics, or are considering this product for someone that likes the idea of growing plants/herbs indoors, but may or may not be equipped with a green thumb, you cannot make a better choice than the AeroGarden 2411-00B Extra Garden With Mega Cherry Tomato Seed Kit.

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