Earth Worth 48″X48″X78″ Hydro Shanty Grow Tent Review

The Earth Worth 48″X48″X78″ Hydro Shanty Grow Tent provides a lot of growing space and premium features for the price of this unit.

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Earth Worth is a very well established name in the hydroponic world and they continue to pump out cutting edge products that are affordable.  Now it has started producing top notch grow tents by using high quality mylar material liners, which is great news for new and experience indoor growers.

Earth Worth’s Hydro-Shanty provides an impressive in at 78″ x 48″ x 48″ growing space that gives you plenty of room to grow large fruits and vegetables. However, its the materials used that makes this a high-quality tent. Earth Worth’s Hydro Shanty creates a highly reflective, waterproof, and thermally optimized space that allows the user maximum control over the growing environment.  The exterior of this tent is composed of commercial grade oxford cloth and employs premium grade zippers, while the inner lining consists of Earth Worth’s own proprietary, advanced mylar material. All of this sits on a very sturdy but lightweight frame reinforced with metal.  As such, this tent is light enough and easy enough to break down to actually be portable. The unit also includes lots of vents for your fans, filters and other accessories.

I love the concept of grow tents and have always appreciated how much flexibility they afford the indoor grower, particularly when it concerns plants that require specific photoperiods to flower or fruit. As as far as grow tents on the market today, I think this is a very solid model that is a fantastic bargain. Specifically, it checks all the boxes in terms of roominess, quality of materials and design, and the system can be setup quickly and easily in pretty much any room of the house.

Most importantly, users who purchased this tent report high satisfaction with its durability and performance.  Accordingly, I would easily recommend the Earth Worth 48″X48″X78″ Hydro Shanty Grow Tent to those looking for a premium grow tent, at an affordable price.

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