LEDwholesalers GYO1014 78x60x60 Grow Tent Review

LEDwholesalers’ GYO1014 Hydroponic Grow Tent provides a large indoor growing area that is sturdy and easy to set up, which is also very affordable for its size and features.

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This grow tent is beefy, measuring approximately 60″ x 60″ by 78.” It is also built with solid materials, such as a durable non-toxic canvas material on the outside and a highly reflective mylar coating on the inside.  In addition, this tent is very easily assembled, with no tools required.  Other noteworthy features of the GYO1014 Hydroponic Grow Tent are its removable, water-resistant floor tray, 3 vent duct holes, a strong metal frame, nylon push-lock corners, sewn-in zippers, and a metal grid in ceiling for hanging lights and accessories.

As I have said before, I really like the use of growing tents for indoor hydroponic applications. Rather than growing plants in a larger room, where a great deal of your fixture’s light would normally escape, growing tents with mylar interiors contain and redirect the light on your plants, where its most needed.  As a result, you get more production per watt of energy expended.  Moreover, grow tents are highly beneficial in providing a tightly controlled environment for manipulating photoperiods.  This is absolutely critical for plants that need specific dark cycles to produce flowers or fruit. LEDwholesalers’ GYO1014 model is particularly nice among other tents out there because it provides a lot of floorspace and many higher priced features in a very affordable unit.

User reviews for the GYO1014 78x60x60x60 Grow Tent are outstanding.  Users confirm that the tent is very easy to set up and performs very well for the cost of the unit.

I agree. In my opinion, LEDwholesalers’ GYO1014 Hydroponic Grow Tent provides tremendous value.  This much growing space in a tent typically costs much more and often does not come with this level of construction or features.  As such, I would highly recommend this grow tent to anyone looking for a larger tent, at a fantastic price.

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