Aviditi PTU-66 48″x48″x79″ Grow Tent Review

If you are looking for a decent, inexpensive grow tent with lots of room for mature plants, the Aviditi PTU-66 Grow Tent is a very good choice.

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As I have said before, grow tents are one of the best things that ever happened to the  indoor hydroponic growing industry in my onion. The ability to create a light and temperature controlled environment in a portable growing space is absolutely critical to home indoor growing, especially for those plants which require specific dark cycles. Moreover, these tents are excellent at maximizing the efficiency of grow light fixtures with their waterproof, reflective innerliners. If you have ever wall-papered a closet with mylar, you will understand how great these tents are!

Among the many manufacturers out there, Aviditi has been producing some nice grow tents lately, and has developed this PTU-66 model, which has lots of room (79″ high x 48″ wide x 48″ deep), yet seems to be catering to the more budget-conscious indoor grower.  In addition to its larger size and affordability, this tent has good specs: reflective polyetheylene terephthalate (“PET”) inner lining, durable zippers, black polyester exterior, several built-in vent holes, steel tubular frame, and light support brackets for fixtures and other accessories.

Users have reported very good results with this tent, and generally agree that its very easy to set up and gets the job done for significantly less $$ than other tent brands on there on the market. But although the  majority of purchasers are happy with the Aviditi PTU-66, there are some users who commented on some light leakage of the unit and flimsiness of the frame; however, these are complaints attendant with most units out there to some degree and, again, most felt that it was a well-built grow tent.

Although you can certainly go for more high-dollar tents, I feel that the Aviditi PTU-66 48″x49″x79″ Grow Tent is a good buy for those seeking an affordable, yet roomy tent, particularly if you are willing to accept that you will most likely experience some light leakage and may need some minor tinkering with the tent depending on the weight of your fixtures and accessories. Overall, though, this tent easily covers the basics:  good reflective inner liner, durable exterior material, steel tube frame, various ducts/vents, and a lots of growing space for your buck.

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