BlackStar 240 watt LED Review

The BlackStar 240 watt LED was redesigned for 2012 and is a powerful LED fixture that can cover up to 6 square feet of growing space.

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Lighthouse Hydro has continued to step up the power of its LED units and has now revamped its 240 watt LED to create a very powerful fixture that can get the job done even in larger growing rooms.

The BlackStar 240 watt LED utilizes 3 watt chipsets that generate very powerful, intense light, which in turn fosters greater light penetration through your plant material to coax lower branches to bloom.  Indeed, users commonly report how ridiculously bright this fixture is. Please do not look at the light directly without protective eyewear!

The unit is roughly 16″ by 8″ and produces a good color spectrum consisting of 6 unique color bands: Red (630, 660nm), Blue (425nm), Infrared (730nm), Ultraviolet (380nm), and White (12000K).  The fixture will draw a maximum of 240 watts.

With this kind of power, the BlackStar 240 watt LED is a good candidate to replace relatively high-wattage HID fixtures.  In fact, it seems that the Blackstar is coaxing many long-time MH/HPS growers to switch to LED lighting.  This is not surprising, particularly given the benefits of using LEDs overal, which are several.

First, the BlackStar uses a maximum of only 240 watts but is powerful enough to replace HID lighting using more than double this wattage. Consequently, you can expect to reap significant savings on your electricity bills. Second, the BlackStar runs quietly and produces extremely little heat, despite its power, unlike HID fixtures that have cumbersome, often noisy ballasts and generate lots of heat. Dealing with heat is always a problem associated with HID lighting and normally requires using exhaust fans and various ducts and such to keep the growing area cool and prevent frying or stressing plant material. With LEDs, you avoid this money trap and grow in relative silence. Finally, LEDs last virtually forever.  The LED chips in the BlackStar are rated to last 50,000 hours, so you will probably never need to change the diodes, as you would most likely need to do annually with T5 lighting.

In sum, I believe that the BlackStar 240 watt LED is a sensible, energy-efficient and powerful fixture that has huge advantages over HID fixtures. Accordingly, I would recommend this unit to anyone considering their first grow light, or those who seek to move away from conventional HID systems.

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