Hydrofarm MGSYS Megagarden Review

Hydrofarm’s MGSYS Hydroponic Megagarden System is a complete grow package for the new or experienced urban hydro farmer.

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The MGSYS Megagarden System provides all the basics (except a light fixture) to get your new hydro garden up and running, i.e.:  15 plastic growing pots, fired-clay and pebble growing media, a 7.5 gallon nutrient solution reservoir with water level indicator, a submersible pump and timer, starter cubes for seed material, a pH test kit and, and set of illustrated instructions.

This unit is a mere 10 inches tall and requires only four square feet of floor space.  However, in that space, the user can expect to produce approximately five (5) times the typical yield of a conventional soil garden of the same size. Moreover, the MGSYS Megagarden System can be used indoors or outdoors to grow just about any vegetable or plant suitable for hydroponic culture, such as, for example, vegetables, herbs, lettuce, tomatoes, various flowering plants, etc., and all without the hassle and mess of soil.

The Megagarden employs the tried and true “ebb/flow” or “flood and drain” method. This method works by initiating a pump submersed in the nutrient solution in the reservoir to pump the solution up into the holding tray until it reaches a precise water level so the media in the pots are thoroughly flooded.  This is the watering cycle. After the flood, the pump switches off and the nutrient solution drains back into the reservoir.  As the water drains, air is sucked into the media to provide precious oxygen to the root zone.  By setting the timer and number of flood cycles, the user can tailor the system to ensure a proper flooding regime depending on ambient conditions and the size and water demands of the plant material.

I really like this system.  Its simple, comes with virtually all the basic equipment (absent a fixture) to get started, and utilizes a time-tested flood and drain technique. I recommend the Hydrofarm MGSYS Megagarden System to anyone getting started with hydroponics, or those that simply desire the convenience of a complete home hydro system.

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