Green Buddha Tech 600 Watt All-Inclusive MH/HPS Kit Review

Green Buddha Tech has recently put together a fantastic, inexpensive kit with just about everything needed to get your grow started as quickly and easily as possible.

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The 600 Watt Digital MH/HPS ECO HYBRID – All Inclusive Hydroponic Kit includes an impressive array of products for the low price of the kit. It includes a 600 Watt HPS/MH grow Light With reflector Pro Hybrid Bulb, 2 yo yo retractable hangers, a digital temperature gauge & hygrometer, a heavy duty timer, 2 ounces of Overdrive Bloom, 3 months of grow and bloom nutrients, a 4 plant – 5 gallon grow box, plant baskets, media for the baskets, an air pump, tubing and air stone, and an e-book guide. In addition, the kit comes with a 2 year warranty.

This kit uses a bubbler/deep water culture method, whereby the plants are suspended above aerated water.  Water is splashed onto the roots and, in addition, the roots that are submersed are bathed in aerated water. This is a great, and simple hydroponic method that is very easy to set up and use, and which also produces fantastic results.

The combination of metal halide and high pressure sodium light in this kit is particularly cutting edge in that it provides a balanced light spectrum that is optimal for vigorous growth, whether the plant material is in the grow phase or blooming phase. Further, the use of a premium digital ballast is advantageous in that it costs relatively less to operate and runs silently.

Finally, users who have purchased the 600 Watt Digital MH/HPS ECO HYBRID kit are very happy with the product.  As they should be.  This kit has a ton of value for the relatively modest price tag.  Buying all of these components individually would cost far more than the price of this kit.

I would recommend the Green Buddha Tech 600 Watt All-Inclusive MH/HPS Hydroponic Kit to anyone looking for a complete setup, for an extreme bargain.

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