Secret Jardin Darkroom II Pro DR90 Review

Unlike most grow tents which often suffer from light leakage, the Darkroom II Pro DR90 has been redesigned to be virtually lightproof and sturdier that your typical grow tent.

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Grow tents are the way to go when gardening indoors, especially if your plants require specific day/night cycles to bloom/fruit. Moreover, they make for more efficient gardening, because the reflective inner linings and limited space concentrates light resources on the plant material, rather than allowing precious lumens to escape into the surroundings. In addition, these tents are portable, and can be taken down and setup pretty much anywhere.

There are a ton of grow tents on the market these days, and there are many models that will surely get the job done. However, there are several common complaints with the majority of the units you will find being advertised. Chief among these are light seepage, weak corner joints, and flimsy frame construction.

The Darkroom II Pro DR90, however, has been designed to be a cut above the average grow tent. Its a relatively small model, with a growing space of 36″ wide, 36″ deep and 72″ inches high, but it is very well made. It is virtually lightproof thanks to a webbed interior fabric, and its corners have been engineered to be 3 x stronger than the previous version.  It is also sturdier and more durable than previous models, and can hold 65 pounds’ worth of accessories. The tent has 7 built-in ports for various fans and accessories, and the exterior is composed of a 210D fabric that is remarkable tear-resistant. It is also easy to set up – users confirm that the tent goes up very quickly and can be assembled by one person.

I really like this tent and, although it is somewhat pricier than others for the same size, I believe the extra cost is worth it, particularly if you are concerned about light leakage and the strength and longevity of the unit. Overall, for small-garden growers looking for a higher-quality tent, the Darkroom II Pro DR90 is an excellent choice.

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