Hydro-Logic 31035 Stealth-RO100 Review

If you are looking for a solid 100-gpd reverse osmosis filter for hydroponic applications that produces little wastewater, the Stealth-RO100 is a good choice.

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Reverse osmosis (“RO”) technology is a blessing to hydroponic gardeners. In many parts of the country, tap or well-water is very hard and alkaline with high total dissolved solids (“TDS”). This poses problems for hydroponic growers for a variety of reasons, but chief among them is the high (alkaline) pH associated with these parameters. Even a slightly high pH makes various nutrients inaccessible to plants when grown hydroponically, regardless how much you fertilize them. In addition, with a high TDS to start, plants are more likely to suffer from salt burn and other problems. And to make matters worse, hard alkaline water tends to resist treatments by pH down chemicals, as it tends to be so highly buffered.

The best and most straightforward way to deal with this problem is to use an RO system, which effectively purges nearly all of the salts, chlorine and other impurities or minerals from the water. Water filtered in this way is rendered more or less neutral – in other words, you now have a “blank slate” upon which you can add your fertilizers and other water treatments to achieve a consistent, stable pH with an optimum level of nutrients.

Hydro-Logic’s Stealth-RO100 is a 100 gallon per day unit that removes approximately 98 percent of chlorine and other contaminants from your water, thus allowing you to start your grow with essentially pure water.  In addition to having a high-capacity 100 gpd RO membrane, this unit results in roughly 25% less wastewater than other RO systems. “Waste” in this regard means the water that is diverted away from the membrane and literally goes down the drain. Less waste is better because it means that the unit is operating more efficiently, and more water-consciously.

In conclusion, the Hydro-Logic 31035 Stealth-RO100 reverse osmosis filter is a solid, low-wastewater filtration system that is a complete remedy for hard-water/high pH growing situations.

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