Sunshine Systems SSLGP198567 GlowPanel 45 Watt LED Review

Sunshine Systems’ SSLGP198567 GlowPanel 45 Watt version is a significant step up from the 28 watt version, as it is 4 times more powerful and can cover a 5 square foot growing space. As such, it can replace a 250 watt metal halide or high pressure sodium setup.

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This is a truly all-purpose light that provides an optimally-balanced color spectrum which promotes growth, at all stages of growth. You do not need to switch bulbs or fixtures depending on whether your plants are in a vegetative or blooming phase. This light can be used by itself, or you can use it to supplement other lights. It can also be set up in a series.

This is also a very easy to install, you just plug it in and its ready to use.  That’s it. There is no separate ballast or other equipment needed. More importantly, you will not need expensive fans or complicated ductwork to vent heat because the GlowPanel runs extremely cool. Indeed, for most growers using small spaces, closets, tents, etc., heat build up from traditional HID fixtures is the grower’s arch enemy. I have seen beautiful closet grown plants burned during the most critical stages of blooming because of hot high pressure sodium fixtures that cooked them. Forget about that with Sunshine’s System’s SSLGP198567 GlowPanel 45.  These can be easily hanged (with the included hanging kit) in pretty much any growing space without fear of plant burn.

This panel is also incredibly energy-efficient. In fact, its reported to result in a 80% savings compared to metal halid or high pressure sodium fixtures. As a result, you may eventually pay for the price of this unit by virtue of its cool operation and your reduced electricity costs.

As far as what kind of plants you can grow, there are too many to state here.  As just an example, the GlowPanel 45 can grow tomatoes, spinach, orchids, houseplants, and various other fruits, vegetables, greens, flowers and herbal medicines.

In my opinion, this is a particularly ideal stand alone light for growing seedlings, cuttings or any type of “scrog” method, because you can place the light panel very close to the tops of the plants without fear of plant burn or drying the media.  Regardless of what vision you have in mind, however, I can strongly recommend the Sunshine Systems SSLGP198567 GlowPanel 45 Watt LED for anyone seeking a powerful, well-built and energy-efficient LED panel system that can be used in virtually any room or space in the home.

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