AeroGarden 2101-00B Classic 7-Pod Herb Kit Review

The AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod Gourmet Herb Seed Kit is an excellent, complete hydroponic system, that also makes a great gift for those who love fresh herbs, year round.

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The AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod Herb Kit provides everything to get started with hydroponics, in a small and stylish package to boot. Indeed, this is a foolproof system that boasts 400,000 satisfied customers.  Why, you ask? Its because the AergoGarden Classic Kit includes everything needed to produce fantastic results, even if you have never used a hydroponic system before, including a preseeded bio-dome grow pod, two daylight-spectrum bulbs, nutrients, and a plant maintenance & harvesting guide.

The system utilizes a cutting edge “aeroponic” hydroponic method coupled with a self-monitoring base that eliminates virtually all of the “learning curve” normally associated with hydroponic systems.  In fact, the system employs a microprocessor that monitors itself to ensure the proper growing conditions for each plant and even alerts you when it’s time to add more water and nutrients to the reservoir!

This little system can grow vegetables five times faster than a conventional soil system, without the mess and trouble of using dirt.  Moreover, it can be used indoors in the kitchen or in any other room to provide fresh veggies and herbs at your fingertips, 365 days a year. This is particularly useful for growing those herbs and veggies that would ordinarily flower and die in the fall.  For example, ever wonder why your basil always wants to die in late summer?  Its because its programmed to flower and die with the shortening daylight.  With the AeroGarden Classic, you can maintain this and many other species in constant “grow” mode, even when all of the little herb pots are no longer available at your local hardware/garden store.

The AeroGarden Classic 7-Pod Herb Kit is also extremely versatile.  Its equipped to grow tomatoes, herbs, peppers, flowers, salad greens, and numerous other plant species.  And it gets the plants ready for harvest in an incredibly short period of time.  For example, the manufacturer guarantees a harvest in 28 days for herbs and salad greens! Try that with dirt.

I cannot think of a better, more stylish and foolproof little hydro system for the home herb grower or hobbyist, particular those looking for something that anyone can plug in and get started growing their own greens and herbs.  Further, with its attractive, modern design, it also makes a perfect gift for friends and family, whether or not they have a green thumb.

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