Sunshine Systems GU93635 GrowUFO 90 Watt LED Review

Sunshine System’s GU93635 GrowUFO 90 Watt LED Grow Light uses cutting edge LED technology to deliver lots of light for both veg and bloom phases of your grow without the unwanted heat and high electricity bills of typical HID fixtures.

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There are a lot of UFO LED products out there today, but the GrowUFO LED line is reported to be the top selling LED UFO on the market today. There is good reason for its popularity. The GrowUFO is approximately 80 percent more energy efficient than a metal halide or high pressure sodium setup, while providing plant material with an optimal color spectrum for quick and strong growth.

Unlike most other fixtures, the GrowUFO LED can be used for both the vegetative and bloom phases of your grow. Moreover, it can be used for any kind of gardening method. In addition, there is no need for complicated installations or the myriad of vents, ducts, reflectors and exhaust fansĀ  attendant with conventional HID systems. All you need to do is plug it in and you are running.

There are way too many plants this unit grows to list. Among the many species are cucumbers, flowers, tomatoes, spinach wheatgrass, lettuce, orchids, peppers, strawberries, broccoli, herbs, kale, houseplants, etc. The manufacturer reports that the 90 watt GrowUFO is powerful enough to coverup to 12 square feet of growing area. However, this will necessarily depend on the light needs of your particular plants.

Perhaps the best proof that GrowUFOs work is provided by its many users, who really love this product. Indeed, it has been used by many hydroponic and garden centers, master gardeners, home enthusiasts, florists, nurseries, researchers, universities, collectives, dispensaries, caregivers and others.

Among the many notable benefits of the GU93635 GrowUFO 90 Watt LED is that it produces virtually no heat. Managing excess heat from HID fixtures is no doubt one of the biggest problems associated with serious indoor grow rooms. But the GU93635 GrowUFO avoids this time/money trap and allows you to install the fixture in virtually any space, regardless whether it is well vented. Nor do you need to worry about bulb replacement or hazardous Mercury. The LEDs in this unit are rated to last for over 50,000 hours and do not contain Mercury, as T5 or other flourescent units do.

In short, Sunshine System’s GU93635 GrowUFO 90 Watt LED Grow Light is a very low-maintenance, easy to use, safe, energy-efficient and stand alone bloom/grow fixture for the modern hydroponic or indoor soil gardener.

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