Virtual Sun VS4800-48 Indoor Grow Tent Review

Virtual Sun’s VS4800-48 Indoor Grow Tent provides a perfect, spacious growing environment, for an equally terrific price.

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Virtual Sun’s VS4800-48 grow tent model creates a roomy 48 inches long, by 48 inches wide, by 78 inches high, multipurpose growing space. On the outside, the tent is composed of heavy duty oxford cloth.  On the inside, it is covered in 100% waterproof mylar, which maximizes the efficiency of any light fixtures you may use.  The frame is made of powder coated metal for strength and the floor area includes a removable and reflective floor pan to catch spills/debris.  It is designed with a large built in zippered door and removable cross members that allow easy entry and maximum flexibility for hanging various light fixtures and accessories.  It also includes three, adjustable lower ventilation slots (24 x 8 inches) and four utility slots.

Growing tents in general are an ideal choice for the indoor gardener because they maximize the efficiency of light fixtures and provide a controlled environment, which is critical for plants that need specific dark cycles to flower or fruit. This VS4800-48 model is particularly great for the new or experienced indoor hydroponic gardener in that it brings all of the premium features normally associated with higher priced tents, such as the heavy duty exterior and 100% reflective mylar interior, in a highly affordable unit.

Furthermore, the user reviews for the VS4800-48 are outstanding.  Users report setting up the tent out of the box quickly. They also note lots of flexibility for adding accessories and very little significant light seepage.

Most importantly, users note how great a value this tent is for the price.  I definitely agree.  Whether your are just starting with grow tents, or need a new or replacement tent, you can’t go wrong with the Virtual Sun VS4800-48 Indoor Grow Tent.

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