TaoTronics TT-GL05 90w UFO LED Grow Light Review

TaoTronics has produced a fantastic and cutting edge 90w UFO LED fixture that is perfect for both vegetative and bloom phases of your grow.

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The TaoTronics TT-GL05 Red Blue Orange 90w UFO LED is a stand-alone growing system for indoor hydroponic or soil growing, which is rated to cover an area of approximately 2 feet by 2 feet. And within this space, you can pretty much grow any type of vegetable, flower or houseplant with this fixture, including lettuce, broccoli, tomatoes flowers, basil, roses, orchids, herbs, wheatgrass, cucumbers, etc. The sky is the limit.

The specs on this unit are outstanding. The TaoTronics TT-GL05 uses cutting edge LED technology to provide 3400 lumens at an optimal color spectrum for any phase of your grow.  The unit comes with 45, 3-watt EPI brand LEDs with a working voltage of 85-264 volts and total power consumption of 90 watts.  The LEDs cover the red, blue and orange spectrum at a ratio of 7:1:1 (35, 5, and 5 pcs, respectively). The red LEDs are rated at 620-630nm, the blue at 450-460nm and the orange at 610-615nm.

I absolutely love LED technology and this particular UFO LED is a fantastic and modern alternative to typical HID lighting. Indeed, the advantages of this unit are several.  For starters, the LEDs last virtually forever – 50,000 hours to be exact. So you do not need to worry about costly replacement bulbs.  In addition, the TT-GL05 generates extremely little heat for light intensity it generates. Heat – and how to vent it – is *always* the biggest problem for serious indoor growers and usually requires the purchase of expensive fans and duct work to cool the growing area and avoid burning the plant material.  Forget about that with the TT-GL05; you will not need a noisy and ugly tangle of fans and vents to sustain your grow room.  Unlike other fixtures, this unit can be fitted anywhere.  Lightweight and measuring only 10.75 inches in diameter and 2.5 inches deep, the TT-GL05 UFO LED can be installed where typical HID systems cannot, and does not need lots of head space or heavy duty support beams to manage its size/weight.  All you need to do is plug in the power cord and set it up with the hanging kit included with the unit.

And finally, the extreme energy savings using the TaoTronics TT-GL05 cannot be overstated. The LEDs in this UFO fixture are several times more efficient, watt for watt, than a high pressure sodium/metal halide or fluorescent unit.  Thus, over time, this unit will effectively pay for itself by virtue of your electricity savings. Its no wonder why users who purchased the TaoTronics TT-GL05 90w UFO LED Grow Light are so happy with this fixture

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