BlackStar 135 watt UFO LED Review

If you are looking for a super bright UFO LED to replace your HID setup, the BlackStar is an excellent choice for small grow rooms.

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Lighthouse Hydro has been very active in developing new and cutting edge products, and now has created a very powerful UFO LED for 2012 that is getting rave reviews from growers. It utilizes 3 watt chips and was designed specifically for high intensity small growing rooms. It is rated to cover an area of 4 square feet (i.e., 2’x2′); however, the light can be used in tandem with other units to cover a much larger area.  The light spectrum produced by this light is well balanced with 6 unique color bands: Red (630, 660nm), Blue (425nm), Infrared (730nm), Ultraviolet (380nm), and White (12000K).

The most noteworthy feature of the Blackstar 135w LED is its incredibly bright light. In fact, users consistently report that the light is insanely bright.  This level of illumination is perfect for growing stout plants with minimal stretching and, of course, heavy flowering/fruit.  It is not surprising that the Blackstar is causing many growers to ditch their HID fixtures and make the move to LED growing.  Indeed, the benefits of using the Blackstar are several.

For starters, this LED unit uses only 135 watts but is powerful enough to replace HID lighting that uses more than twice this wattage. Therefore, you will realize significant savings on your electricity bills over time. In addition, the Blackstar runs cool to the touch, unlike HID fixtures which generate tons of unwanted heat. The biggest problems with grow rooms – especially smaller ones – is managing this heat generated by HID fixtures/ballasts. This usually entails using expensive, loud fans and various duct work to cool the growing area and prevent plant burn or heat stress. With the Blackstar, you can forget about all that and grow in relative silence, even in tight quarters, without burning or overheating your plants. Finally, the LED chips are rated to last 50,000 hours, so you will most likely never need to change out the bulbs, like you might need to do annually with T5 lighting.

As you may have already guessed, I am a big fan of the LED movement, and the Blackstar 135 watt UFO LED is exactly the type of LED grow light that makes small space growing much more enjoyable and efficient. I highly recommend this unit to anyone choosing their first grow light, or those looking to replace their conventional HID system.

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