New Apollo Horticulture 400w Grow Light Kit Review

New Apollo’s Horticulture 400w metal halide / high pressure sodium Grow Light Kit with dimmable digital ballast is jam-packed with quality and features normally associated with much more expensive light kits.

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This is a complete grow light system at a tremendous value.  What makes this product so exciting is that it comes with a Regal purple Apollo brand digital dimmable switchable ballast, which can ignite both metal halide and high pressure sodium lamps at 120 to 240 volts, just by switching a cord.  The 400 metal halide bulb produces 36,000 lumens with a color temperature of 6,500 Kelvin and a running life of 10,000 hours.  The high pressure sodium bulb produces 86,000 lumens at a color temperature of 2,000 Kelvin and with a running life of 24,000 hours.

The unit comes with a 400w metal halide bulb and 400w high pressure sodium bulb, a standard E39 mogal socket, a set of rope rachets and hanger clips, a heavy duty light timer, a 15 foot power cord, and a gull-wing reflector that measures 19 inches by 15 inches by 4.5 inches. Notably, this kit also includes the premium dimmable, Multi-Volt Appollo E-digital ballast that is top-notch and offers silent operation and maximum flexibility when used in variously-sized growing spaces. Gone are the days of buzzing and noisy ballasts!  Finally, the New Apollo Horticulture 400w Grow Light Kit comes with an impressive 3 year warranty card from Apollo Horticulture.

Not surprisingly, users who have purchased this unit are very happy. In particular, they note the tremendous bang for the buck with this kit.  In addition, they comment on how high quality the digital ballast included with this kit is.  I have to agree. I highly recommend this product. For the price, its difficult to imagine a better 400w metal halide / high pressure sodium kit. Indeed, the quality of the digital, dimmable ballast alone is very impressive and worth the purchase.  In short, New Apollo’s Horticulture 400w Grow Light Kit with the dimmable digital ballast is an excellent deal.

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